OVALE Peach 20ml

OVALE Peach 20ml

OVALE Classic - Peach eLiquid (20ml bottle) . Refreshingly light and fruity, this favorite alludes to thoughts of lazy days and springtime teas. Through strategic testing and analysis we are able to satisfy the diverse taste and preferences of a wide range of customers. Vapers can experience a deep inviting and delicious e-cigarette liquid from OVALE.

Base Ingredients:
- Vegetable Glycerine
- Propylene Glycol
- Vanilla Extract
- 2.5 - Dimethylpyrazine
- 2 - Avcetylprazine
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    - This product is intended for adult only
    - Smoking can be dangerous to your health
    - Use this product only for its intended use

    All OVALE eLiquids contain one of 4 levels of Nicotine, H 16mg, M 11mg, L 6mg, N 0mg and are strictly for adult use only.
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