OVALE Founders Fortune 20ml

OVALE Founders Fortune 20ml

OVALE Founders Fortune 20ml. Through strategic testing and analysis we are able to satisfy the diverse taste and preferences of a wide range of customers. Vapers can experience a deep inviting and delicious e-cigarette liquid from OVALE USA / KOREA.

Base Ingredients:
- Vegetable Glycerine
- Propylene Glycol
- Vanilla Extract
- 2.5 - Dimethylpyrazine
- 2 - Avcetylprazine
  • Details


    - This product is intended for adult only
    - Smoking can be dangerous to your health
    - Use this product only for its intended use

    All OVALE Premium eLiquids contain one of 3 levels of Nicotine, H 16mg, M 9mg, N 0mg and are strictly for adult use only.
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