OVALE eVic 3400mAh Battery

OVALE eVic 3400mAh Battery

OVALE eVic Battery
A spare or replacement battery for your OVALE eVic. One 3400mAh ICR 18650 battery.
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    Battery Safety!

    Warning: All batteries have an inherent safety risk. Risks include but are not limited to fire, explosion, electrical shock, or exposure to harmful chemicals. Misuse or abuse dramatically increases these risks. Ovale assumes no liability for damages.

    Ovale eGo-C and elips batteries have several safety features that greatly increase their safety. This includes two redundant fail safe chips designed to shut off the battery in the event of a short circuit, over charge protection, low-voltage protection, and a timeout if the button is held for more than 10 seconds. These safety features should never replace proper safe usage, handling, and storage procedures. Please use responsibly utilizing the following guidelines and always exercise common sense to avoid bringing harm to yourself or others.

    Only use an Ovale band charger and/or adapter when charging a battery.
    Use a dedicated power source capable of supplying adequate power for charging. Note some USB port may not be designed to supply power and should not be used.
    Excessive heat produced during charging can lead to failure.
    Do not overcharge.

    Always keep batteries in cool dry surroundings.
    Do not store in hot or humid places.
    Do not carry in purse or pocket with other sharp or bulky items. Such items may damage the battery or cause accidental misfire of the atomizer.
    Never leave your battery in a place that it could become excessively hot such as direct sunlight or inside a parked car.
    Do not leave a battery where children may have access to it.

    Never use a battery in damp or wet environments.
    Never submerge the battery into any liquid.

    Physical Damage
    Do not drop battery.
    Do not Puncture the battery housing.
    Do not force battery.
    Do not dismantle battery.
    If the model of battery has a on/off toggle feature, always ensure the battery is off when not in use. This will help to prevent misfire and possible overheating
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