OVALE eGo-C Cone "B"

OVALE eGo-C Cone "B"

eGo-C Cone - Type B for 2.2ml Tank

Replace an old, damaged Cone or stay one step ahead of your vaping experience with a back up Cone loaded and ready. Type B cones are only compatible with the Type B atomizers. They feature a wider cone opening which allows for the larger 2.5ml Type B eGo Tanks.

What is the difference between the Type A and Type B? The main difference is in the size of the Tank and cone. The B has a larger 2ml tank. The Standard atomizer has also been redesigned to account for the greater volume and weight of liquid pressing down upon it but this does not effect the LR's.

Type A Standard atomizers are only compatible with Type A cones. Type B Standard atomizers only with Type B cones. Due to the difference in atomizers if one uses a Type B standard atomizer with a Type A cone then the result would most likely be a dry atomizer and a very unpleasant burnt taste. If one was to use the Type A standard atomizer in the Type B cone then one may experience excessive leakage.

eGo-C LR atomizers are compatible with both Type A and Type B Cones.

** Atomizer heads are sold separately **
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